The perfect solution for all your music accompaniment needs, the Gulbransen Digital Hymnal plays customized orchestrations for thousands of traditional hymns, choruses, contemporary praise and worship music, gospel favorites, wedding music, children’s songs, patriotic and military titles as well as songs for graduation and memorial services. You can easily customize your selections by choosing the tempo, the key, the number of versus played, the introduction and Amen and more. Choose from a wide variety of realistic digitally sampled keyboard and orchestral sounds ranging from the pipe organ, acoustic piano and drums to string and woodwind instruments, choral voices and carillon bells. Solo the soprano, alto, tenor and bass parts separately or in any combination. The options are endless.

About the size of a 3-ring binder, the Gulbransen Digital Hymnal is completely self-contained, lightweight and portable with full remote capabilities, making it perfect for off-site events, outdoor meetings, missionary work and any gathering where inspirational music is desired. The Hymnal has built-in stereo speakers or can be plugged into a PA system. It comes with an AC power adapter or can be used with a NiCad battery. The Hymnal’s built-in charging system ensures that the music can continue, long after the service has ended, taking the power of your message with you wherever you go.

Designed for easy operation, no specialized knowledge is needed to operate the Hymnal. An easy to understand user’s manual and quick-start guide ensure you’ll be up and running with the Hymnal in a matter of minutes.  The Digital Hymnal musical selections are organized to match the most popular hymnals that they were taken from and conveniently indexed by hymnal and song title in the Master Index. The Digital Hymnal remembers the page, key and number of verses so you can simply select your favorite hymn by page number. Nothing could be easier. The Digital Hymnal allows you to pre-program and memorize up to 10 songs for instant recall so you can plan an entire musical service ahead of time and save it in memory mode. Even if you turn off the unit, it still remembers. The Digital Hymnal is always ready to fulfill your musical needs.

Accordion, acoustic piano, alto sax, B3 organ (slow and fast), bagpipes, banjo, baritone sax, bassoon, brass section, celesta, cello, choir aahs, clarinet, classical guitar, clavichord, contrabass, dulcimer, electric piano, English horn, fretless bass, glockenspiel, harmonica, harp, harpsichord, home organ, honky-tonk piano, jazz guitar, jazz organ, marimba, music box, muted trumpet, oboe, organ variations (18), percussive organ, pipe organ (4), pizzicato strings, poly synth, reed organ, rock organ, soprano sax, string bass, string ensembles, synth brass, synth voice, tango accordion, tenor sax, timpani, tinkle bell, tremolo strings, trombone, trumpet, tuba, tubular bells, vibraphone, viola, violin, voice oohs, warm pad and xylophone. Plus a wide variety of percussion instruments including: agogo, drum kit, kalimba, koto, shamisen, shanai, sitar, steel drums, taiko and woodblock.

Standard Equipment
Digital hymnal with internal stereo speakers, stereo audio out, MIC input, stereo headphone jack, rechargeable hymnal battery, remote control w/batteries, AC power adapter, audio cables for PA system, user’s manual, master index, warranty certificate and response card.

9 1/8” x 10 5/8” x 2 3/8” h.

4 lbs.