Grand Pianos
Classic Petite Grand

Model: 804
Dimensions: 55.5 L x 57.75 W x 40.5 H
Finish: Ebony
Hammers: Highest quality wool hammer felt (reinforced and t-pinned)
Soundboard: All Spruce
Ribs: 10 Solid Spruce
Bridges: Hard Maple
Action: Hard Maple, Aluminum Rails
Keys and Keyframe: All Spruce
Whippens: Renner Style
Pedals: Soft, sustain, full sostenuto
Casters: Wide, Solid Brass
Rim: Hard Maple and Birch
Plate: Vacuum Cast
Pin-Block: 17-ply North American Hard Maple
Warranty: 8-Year Limited

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These beautiful grand pianos, at a compact 4’ 8” long, are easily accommodated in any décor where space is at a premium. Their features compare favorably with those of larger instruments, from which their materials and workmanship are virtually indistinguishable.

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