Jukebox Kiosk

The Jukebox Kiosk is a fun and low maintenance way for businesses to generate income or dealers to generate leads from their player piano. The premise is simple: the Jukebox Kiosk controls your player piano. When someone wants to see and hear the piano being played, they insert a dollar in the bill slot and choose from thousands of musical titles from the QRS CD library. The number of selections per dollar can be modified according to your preferences and there are “free play” and “time out” modes. The Kiosk can be programmed to collect email addresses or other contact information as well as money. The Jukebox Kiosk also provides full statistical reports. Reports, contact information and even Kiosk service needs will be emailed directly to you on a regular basis. The Jukebox Kiosk is perfect for malls, restaurants and retail locations, hospitals and other institutions, casinos and other entertainment venues. For further information on leasing the QRS Jukebox Kiosk, contact your QRS sales representative.

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