Schumann: Piano Works, Vol. 1
QRS Cat #801220D
About Foreign Lands (Schumann)

Curious Story (Schumann)

Catch Me (Schumann)

Pleading Child (Schumann)

Perfect Happiness (Schumann)

Important Event (Schumann)

Reverie (Schumann)

By The Fireside (Schumann)

Knight Of The Rocking Horse (Schumann)

Almost Too Serious (Schumann)

Frightening (Schumann)

Child Falling Asleep (Schumann)

The Poet Speaks (Schumann)

The Happy Farmer (Schumann)

Romance in F-sharp (Schumann)

Arabesque (Op. 18) (Schumann)

In The Evening (Schumann)

Soaring (Schumann)

Why? (Schumann)

Whims (Schumann)

In The Night (Schumann)

Restless Dreams (Schumann)

The Song's End (Schumann)

Played by: Gunther Danziger

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Schumann: Piano Works, Vol. 1
Schumann: Piano Works, Vol. 1
QRS Cat #801220D

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