Piano Classics
QRS Cat #801227D
Beethoven:Piano Sonata in C-Maj,Op3,No3,Allegro co

Beethoven:Piano Sonata in C-Maj, Op3, No3, Adagio

Beethoven:Piano Sonata in C-Major, Op3,No3, Scherz

Beethoven:Piano Sonata in C_Major,Op3,No3,Allegro

Haydn:PianoSonata in D-Major, Hob XVI 37,Allegro c

Haydn:Piano Sonata in D-Major,Hob XVI 37,Largo e s

Haydn:Piano Sonata in D-Major,Hob XVI 37,Presto ma

Schubert:Soirees de Vienne-Tre Valses, A_Major

Schubert:Soirees de Vienne-Tre Valses, D-Flat Majo

Schubert:Soirees de Vienne-Tre Valses, a-minor

Rossini: La Danza, Tarantella napolitana

Rossini: La Regatta Veneziana

Played by: Barnabas Fekete

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Piano Classics
Piano Classics
QRS Cat #801227D

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