About QRS Digital Music

The QRS Standard Library can now be easily downloaded to your computer in secure MP3 format

This saves you shipping costs and reduces delivery time to one business day. The music arrives in secure MP3 format so it is ready to be loaded on any MP3 player or burned to CDs or CompactFlash cards. It can also be sent from your computer directly to your Pianomation system using common wireless technology.
Secure MP3 allows any Ancho, Petine or Petine Lite controller to play the QRS Standard Library (all our solo and concert CDs) by releasing the chosen CDs using a simple 3-digit code. For each CD you purchase, you are given a code. Or, if you choose to purchase the entire Standard Library or an entire genre (as defined by QRS), you will be given one code to release all the CDs purchased. Individual songs are not available at this time.
Sampling Digital Music on Your Piano
With digital downloads, you can now try Pianomation music before you buy it. Simply download the CD or CDs you'd like to try. Without the release codes, 30 seconds of each song will play. CDs will only play entire songs on Pianomation Systems that have had the proper release code entered.
To download a CD selection, click on the CD link. You will then see all the CD tracks. Check the boxes for the songs you want to download or click "Download" and all the songs on the CD will download. (Remember, you must purchase the entire CD. Individual songs are not available at this time.) The music will download to your computer and you can then choose how you will play it on your Pianomation system - straight from your computer, using an MP3 player, or by burning a CD or CompactFlash.
How to buy QRS MP3s
To buy music digitally, on the QRS website select the "Music" tab, then "Pianomation MP3s." Add your music selections for purchase to your shopping cart and proceed to check out. Please note that the serial number of your Petine or Ancho unit is required to make digital music purchases. Within one business day we will email you your release codes and a link to go directly to the CDs you bought. If you have previously downloaded your CDs, there is no need to download it again. Once the release code or codes are entered, the music will play in its entirety.