Qtouch Tablet™

Access the full capabilities of your Pianomation® controller (and more) from anywhere in your home.

The QRS Qtouch Tablet™ gives you the freedom to control your Pianomation™ entertainment system from anywhere in your home using a wireless connection. At less than three pounds, the Qtouch touchscreen tablet is made for mobility, making it easy to take advantage of the power of the QRS Pianomation entertainment system and your computer.

Use it in conjunction with your NetPiano.com subscription and you can access thousands of songs from the QRS online library instantly. With NetPiano you have easy access to all of the latest music titles and can create your own play lists so you have the perfect music for cocktail parties, intimate dinners or large gatherings.

More reasonably priced than competitive models, the Qtouch is a window to your computer. Use it to access the Internet, check your email, or any application or program on your computer. The Qtouch Tablet uses established, nonproprietary software which means it’s both more versatile than competitive systems and less likely to become quickly obsolete.

Qtouch Tablet Features:
Brand: Viewsonic v210
Display:10” touchscreen, 800x600 resolution
Dimensions: 11.5"h x 8.4"w x 1"d
Weight: 2.96 lbs.
Processor: 400MHz Intel® XScale™
Installed RAM; 128 MB
Installed ROM: 64 MB Flash
Battery: lithium-polymer, lasts up to 4 hours
Embedded operating system -- Windows CE 4.2
Windows Media Player v10 plug-in


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