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AC Power Pak for Petine/Ancho AC Power Pak for Petine/Ancho
QRS Cat #990522R
This AC adaptor plugs into the back of either the Petine or Ancho Pianomation control units. The input is AC100-240V , 800mA 50/60Hz with an output of 5V 5A

Ancho Sliding Bracket Ancho Sliding Bracket
QRS Cat #980007
This item will slide your Pianomation Ancho Control Unit out of site underneath the piano.

CD2000+ Mounting Brackets CD2000+ Mounting Brackets
QRS Cat #71391
Brackets for mounting CD2000+

Driverboard Mounting Chassis Driverboard Mounting Chassis
QRS Cat #71120
This item is used for mounting the Pianomation Driverboard to the solenoid rail. Does not include mounting hardware.

IR Sensor - Magic Eye IR Sensor - Magic Eye
QRS Cat #70394
This tiny infrared eye can be discretely mounted just about anywhere on the piano, providing a sensing eye in addition to the control unit eye. It is the size of a matchbook and is supplied with a mounting bracket. Plugs into back of Controller.

Iso Data Line Isolator Iso Data Line Isolator
QRS Cat #70411
Under certain conditions a ground loop current arises causing the Pianomation system to perform unpredictably. ISODATA will correct this condition most of the time

Key Solenoid Black Leads Key Solenoid Black Leads
QRS Cat #70071
Our solenoids are all the same with the exception of the color of the leads. They are different colors so that you can differentiate them easier when they are mounted to the piano.

Note Driver Board Note Driver Board
QRS Cat #70122
For Pianomation Player systems. Controls the transfer of power to the solenoids. 16 notes per driver board. 7"L x 3"W x 1.5"H

Pedal Solenoid Pedal Solenoid
QRS Cat #70130
A very powerful solenoid for activating the sustain mechanism/Damper Tray on the piano. Supplied with heavy duty bracket ready for mounting. 24volt, 5.6ohm

Power Supply (PSUD) Power Supply (PSUD)
QRS Cat #70210
The power supply receives information from the pianomation processor and sends the appropriate current to the solenoid rail. 115 V with alternating current at a frequency of either 50 or 60 Hz. MTH 7, 3AG 7amp fast blow fuse

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