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QRS Music Technologies, Inc. Introduces Next Generation Hammer-Stop Rail For Story & Clark Grand Pianos

Used with Pianomation® or other MIDI devices, hammer stop rail
adds additional acoustic/digital hybrid capabilities

NAPLES, FLORIDA, December 1, 2008 – QRS Music Technologies, Inc., a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of pianos, piano-based audio and multimedia products, music and piano accessories, today announced the introduction of its next-generation hammer-stop rail, designed specifically for Story & Clark grand pianos.

“There has been a sharp increase in demand for this product since making PNOscan™ standard on all Story & Clark pianos. With our hammer-stop rail, PNOscan™ and either the Petine™ or Ancho™, dealers can now offer customers a highly versatile acoustic/digital hybrid piano that is also reasonably priced and yet still make an incredibly healthy margin,” said Tom Dolan, president and chief executive officer. “The precision engineering that has gone into the design of our rail makes it easier to install, easier to adjust and able to hold its tolerances better than the current generation of products.” The new rail is currently available factory-installed on Story & Clark grand pianos.

The new rail designed for Story & Clark has been precision engineered to block the hammers at the point of action travel known as let-off or escapement. This is accomplished using specially formulated rubber as a contact surface, providing an accurate and consistent braking point to allow the hammers to stop safely. Unlike other systems that use felt or open-cell rubbers, the Story & Clark rail will remain stable and the overall accuracy will remain consistent over the entire keyboard range.

A stop rail blocks contact between piano hammers and strings and is used in conjunction with other technologies to provide additional features and benefits to those playing, such as the capability to practice in silence while listening to your performance via headphones or the ability to “play” other instruments via the piano keyboard.

About QRS Music Technologies, Inc.
QRS Music Technologies, Inc. manufactures and distributes pianos and piano accessories, Pianomation® musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) systems for acoustic pianos, and compact discs and music rolls for player pianos. QRS is the creator of Pianomation®, the first MIDI system to combine analog and digital technology to turn any piano into a reproducing player
piano. QRS Music was founded in 1900 and is based in Naples, Florida. Additional information about QRS is available at www.qrsmusic.com.

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