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QRS Music Technologies, Inc. Uses PNOscan™ to Open New Markets

SENECA, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- QRS Music Technologies, Inc. (OTC:QRSM.ob - News), a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of pianos, piano-based audio and multimedia products, music and piano technologies, announced the entry of it’s new PNOscan key sensing technology into several new markets. Now making an entrance into the already established markets for silent practice pianos and use for stage and studios, QRS marries its advanced PNOscan technology with three newly released technologies, expanding the potential of the PNOscan Technology even further. The QRS Grand and Upright Piano Key Stop rail, PNOsound Practice Modules, and Pianoteq’s sound modeling software are now using PNOscan Technology.

“The touch, sound and feel of a real acoustic piano are just as important when you practice as when you perform. We have been able to marry those qualities of the piano to the sounds you would expect to hear when practicing, but with the use of headphones, only the pianist can hear the performance, and doesn’t disturb those around him,” said Tom Dolan, QRS President and CEO. “With PNOscan’s continuous scanning capability we are able to model sounds around the full profile of the keys and pedals movement. We are no longer restricted to modeling only what the MIDI standard delivers. The result is a much more realistic sound. Our relationship with sound modeling experts at Pianoteq allows both studios and artists a much better piano sound experience than previously available.”

QRS has released three basic versions: one to be added to an existing piano or factory installed on a Story & Clark Piano, one that records, and one that utilizes the Pianoteq software application on a Netbook or PC. “We strongly believe we are able to deliver the right performance at the right price to lead this segment of the market. The ability of PNOscan’s patent-pending technology and unique approach to optically sensing the movement of every key and pedal, are second to none in this application.”

PNOscan was introduced in late 2006 and is still considered the best and most accepted key-sensing technology on the market. It has been gaining popularity with serious musicians, studios, composers, and performance venues ever since. PNOscan bridges the gap between the features and benefits of acoustic and digital pianos.

Installed underneath the key bed, PNOscan uses optical sensors to track the movement of every key and pedal movement as it is played and translates the sound for output via MIDI or USB ports, creating connectivity to the digital world and the many applications currently available through laptops, PCs and Macs. PNOscan can be retrofit by any Story & Clark dealer onto any acoustic piano and is a standard installation on all Story & Clark pianos. For more information about PNOscan, visit www.qrsmusic.com