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Pianos In The Park

An Acoustic Delight Fills the City This Night

When:September 10th, 2011 from 6PM to 10PM Eastern Standard Time

Where: Franklin Pennsylvania,

Sponsored by: QRS Music, The City of Franklin, Debence Musical Instrument Museum and The Barrow Civic Theater

Presenting: The sweet sound of acoustic piano for all to enjoy. A musical buffet of styles, genres, pianos and artists will be there for our city’s pleasure. QRS will be featuring some of its bestselling and favorite Story & Clark Pianos technologies, artists, and music. Mostly manufactured here in Venango County

Pianos will be placed in over 5 different locations around the park and city. Pick a place to camp and graze on a variety of players, styles and genres, or follow an artist around as they roam from one venue to the next, it’s your night and your choice. A map and schedule will be published on our website at www.qrsmusic.com

Performing artists will include Mike Jones(Jazz Piano), Lori Clutter(Classical Piano), Bob Jones (Gospel Sacred),Bob Berkman(Ragtime), and John Omiatek and Rick Sabouski(Guitar and Piano).