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( EW)(QRS-MUSIC-TECH)(QRSM) QRS Music Technologies, Inc. and Paroutaud Music Labs to Start Production of World's First Computer-Controlled Violin

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MENLO PARK, Calif.--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Feb. 13, 1998--QRS Music Technologies, Inc. ("QRS") announced that the Virtuoso Violin, the world's first computer-controlled violin, debuted last night in Menlo Park, California.
This acoustic instrument produces sound by moving a bow across a violin, just as a traditional instrument does but human hands never touch either the bow or instrument; instead both are controlled completely by a built-in micro-controller circuit.
The unique, patented technology and rich, acoustic sound of the Virtuoso Violin make it the perfect complement to QRS's Pianomation(tm) system, a computer-controlled "self-playing" piano featured at Hollywood's famed Magic Castle. The Virtuoso Violin, a finely crafted instrument capable of achieving the full range of notes produced by an acoustical violin, can play independently or can perform duets with the piano.
"The Virtuoso Violin is the culmination of years of research devoted to the art and science of music and sound," said Fred Paroutaud, president of Paroutaud Music Laboratories (PML). He added, "The result is a unique blend of the beauty of a classic acoustic instrument with the sophistication of state-of-the-art computer technology." The Virtuoso Violin was created by Paroutaud, a veteran composer and inventor, and former NASA administrator and Northrop CEO, Thomas Paine. The first 10 production units will be manufactured at QRS's Research & Development facilities in Naples, Florida. It is expected that the Virtuoso Violin will retail for less than $10,000.
The QRS Pianomation(tm) system can turn any piano into a reproducing player piano. A patented hardware and software process can store and transport Musical Instrument Digital Interface ("MIDI") information as an analog signal. This process gives QRS the ability to store, and wirelessly transmit, MIDI performance data in an analog format from a controller (CD, video, cassette, DAT or Minidisc) to the receiver on the piano. This creates numerous possibilities. For example, most off-the-shelf audio equipment has a left and right channel available for use. State-of-the-art technology permits QRS to store the digital signal in an analog format on the left channel of the software which operates those players. This leaves the right channel available for live prerecorded audio music, even vocal recordings. Pianomation(tm) blends them together in perfect harmony and perfect synchronization. The Pianomation(tm) MIDI System is the first product of its kind to "marry" analog and digital technology.
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QRS Music Technologies' World Wide Web site is http://www.QRSMusic.com. Sample audio selections are available at the Web Site. QRS is also on America Online (Keyword: QRS). QRS Music Technologies, Inc. stock is traded on the OTC Bulletin Board market system under the symbol QRSM. Standard & Poor's CORPORATIONS RECORDS provides coverage on QRS Music, Inc.


CONTACT: For additional information on the Virtuoso Violin:
Susan Futterman
Paroutaud Music Laboratories
Telephone: 805-482-5793
Fax: 805-482-0394
Email: Fparoutaud@aol.com
Chuck Campbell, (708) 798-9405

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