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QRS nabs rights to hand-held device for tuning piano

Naples-based QRS Music Technologies Inc. has acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture and sell a hand- held device that can be used to tune a piano. Its working name is "Pocket Tune."

A few weeks ago, QRS announced its plans to develop a self-tuning piano. Pocket Tune is based on a similar technology, but can be used to tune traditional pianos.

The two technologies were invented by Don Gilmore, a pianist who lives in Kansas City.

He has applied for patents for both of them.

"This portable hand-held self- tuning device will permit a piano to be completely tuned in about one-half hour," said Richard Dolan, president and chairman of QRS. "The semi-annual piano tuning appointments can now be replaced by weekly or monthly tune-ups done in the home by the piano owner. The pianist is virtually the only modern musician who cannot tune his/her own instrument."

The hand-held tuning device should be brought to market within two years.