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QRS Introduces The Psalmist

SAGINAW, MICHIGAN - - June 19, 2002 - - QRS Music Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: QRSM) announced today that LaFayette Carthon will distribute the “Psalmist.” The Psalmist is believed to be the first automatic player system designed for the Hammond B3 organ, one of the most popular organs in the Hammond line. The “Psalmist” utilizes the proven performance and reliability of the QRS PianomationÔ MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) system, combined with the flexibility of the most advanced dual drive (CD and floppy) controller, known as "Chili." The “Psalmist” was engineered as a split- level player. This unique design allows one unit to sit on each of the organ keyboards, and can activate the organ keys with its specially designed electronic “fingers.”

Specifically designed for church needs, the “Psalmist” can provide an “organist-on- demand.” The “Psalmist” gives the organist a larger music repertoire, can be present to play when the organist is not available, or allows the organist the flexibility to stand and direct the choir. Over 300 hymns, anthems and spirituals were specifically recorded and are available for the “Psalmist.” The “Psalmist” provides an exact reproduction of the songs recorded. The “Psalmist” can be operated remotely with the use of a hand held remote control.

Tom Dolan, President and CEO said, "The ability of our "Chili" dual drive PianomationÔ controller to read a CD ROM gives a church enough memory to perform thousands of custom programs for virtually any service or special event. This vast library when combined with the proven performance of the PianomationÔ MIDI system will fill any church with the true sound of their Hammond B3 organ. We are excited to be teaming with Lafayette Carthon, founder of the Spiritual Healthcare Schools, who will be representing “Psalmist” sales on an exclusive basis.”

The “Psalmist” is an adaptation of QRSM’s popular transportable PianomationÔ system known as “Playola.” The 88 key “Playola” system was re-engineered into two units specifically for the Hammond B3 organ. QRSM will provide all technical support.

The “Psalmist” Web site is www.QRSMmusic.com/psalmist.

QRS Music markets the QRS Pianomation™ system that can turn any piano into a reproducing player piano. A hardware and software process can store and transport Musical Instrument Digital Interface (“MIDI”) information as an analog signal. This
process gives QRS the ability to store, and wirelessly transmit, MIDI performance data in an analog format from a controller (CD, video, cassette, DVD, DAT or Minidisc) to the receiver on the piano. This creates numerous possibilities. For example, most off-the-shelf audio equipment has a left and right channel available for use. State-of-the-art technology permits QRS to store the digital signal in an analog format on the left channel of the software which operates those players. This leaves the right channel available for live prerecorded audio music, even vocal recordings. Pianomation™ blends them together in perfect harmony and perfect synchronization. The Pianomation™ MIDI System is the first product of its kind to “marry” analog and digital technology.