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Story & Clark Announces New 5’French Provincial Grand

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA - - January, 2003 - - QRS Music Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: QRSM) announced today at the National Association of Musical Manufactures (“NAMM”) convention a new 5 foot French Provincial Grand Piano and a collection of Point-of-Purchase (“POP”) products for dealers to use in their stores to help customers focus on QRS products.

Thomas A. Dolan, President, said, “Our new French Provincial 5’ grand piano has helped round our piano line. We have been missing a piano that would satisfy customer desires to own this elegant classical style. We are delighted to now have such a beautiful piano with the Story & Clark name on it.” The piano is built like traditional high-end U. S. pianos with a hardwood rim and sand cast plate, comes standard with a slow fallboard closer and may be fitted at the factory with a Pianomation driven player system.

Dolan added, “That QRS has released three new Bench Packs for dealers and installers that include new music samplers showing the various types of music we offer and increasing the amount of content made available to the customers at the time of purchase. Also, Story & Clark announced a new line of POP materials that include: posters, mats, Points of Interest, flyers and Pack outs.”