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QRS Music Introduces QRS Jukebox Media Player

ANAHIEM, CALIFORNA - - January XX, 2003 - - QRS Music Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: QRSM) announced today the QRS Jukebox Media Player (“QRS Jukebox”) at the annual meeting of the National Association of Musical Manufactures (“NAMM”) convention. The QRS Jukebox will permit a personal computer to provide the same basic functions you receive from a controller you can purchase for your automatic piano.

QRS Jukebox Media Player features include: delay adjustments, MIDI routing and the ability to create analog MIDI streams or files. Coin operated interfaces are also available. An embedded version will be available soon in a coin operated kiosk form that will allow dealers to display product in public places, gather leads and generate revenue.

Tom A. Dolan, QRS Music President said, “The QRS Jukebox Media Player is an exciting new product that will help open the door to a whole new group of customers that at are more technology oriented. ”

Also, the Company announced a new Transcription Series. This product will let the user hear their favorite pianists CD’s played on their piano. The QRS studio artists painstakingly transcribe and perform each song off of a commercially available CD. The first CD in the series is transcribed from the artist George Winston’s classic “December.”