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QRS Introduces Technician Training and Controller Upgrades

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA - - January XX, 2003 - - QRS Music Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: QRSM) announced today that it’s Music Technology Division has released, at the National Association of Musical Manufactures (“NAMM”) convention, upgrades to two controllers in the family of Pianomationâ driven player systems, dealer Point of Purchase (“POP”) materials, a new certification program and a new extended warranty.

Tom A. Dolan, QRS Music President said, “We are continuously focusing on our brand names by providing our dealers with more choices in their POP materials. Also, we are upgrading our Serenade Pro and Chili controller systems to be able to handle our new ‘Sync-Along Floppy’ feature.”

The Serenade Pro, introduced in August of 2002, now has the Sync-Along feature built into its hard drive. Therefore, users do not need to have both the audio CD and a MIDI floppy in order to achieve the Sync-Along Floppy feature. Also Serenade Pro has built in MP3 capabilities. The Chili controller adds the unique Sync-Along floppy capabilities in Release version7.05.

For dealers the Music Technology Division has added a line of Point of Purchase ( “POP”) products to better display the QRS products. The new POP products include: lighted signs signifying that the dealer performs certified Pianomation installations and service, Gold Reusable Lettering, Posters. Floor Mats and catalogs.

A new technician certification program was announced. The new certification program is a 3 to 5 day installation and sales training class conducted at the QRS Music Las Vegas facility. A new extended warranty will be available to dealers who have been through the certification process.