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QRS Music Supplies Introduces 8 unique products

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA - - January 16, 2003 - - QRS Music Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: QRSM) announced today at the National Association of Musical Manufactures (“NAMM”) convention that it has added more unique products to it Supply Catalog.

Tom A. Dolan, President, said, “Our goal is to provide a “one-stop” shopping source for unique and hard to find products and that goal has taken a major leap forward with these new products.”

The new Supply Catalog products include the following::

· The Mute Rail and Rinky Tink Rail easily installs into any Grand Piano to turn it into a Rinky Tink piano or bring down the volume level of playback as you practice or play your player system.

· The Bob Eliminator – making the rolling of a grand piano on its side a snap by stabilizing the leg and lyre.

· The Composer Station – a teardrop shaped table equipped with a MIDI USB adapter and room for a power supply. Swing it out, open up your laptop and your ready to compose.

· The Piano Speaker – a dynamic speaker made to fit under a grand or in the case of an upright.

· The Music Rack Light that lights up not only your music but also can highlight the beauty of the rim and strings.

· The Fall Board Closer, in two styles, dampens the fall board as it closes.

· The Lid Assist permits you to open or close your grand piano lid with just a finger.

The QRS Music Supply Catalog includes products for pianos, player pianos, Nickelodeons, Pianocorders and Pianomationâ & MIDI supplies.