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QRS Introduces new Sync-Along Technology

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA – January 16, 2003-- Thomas A. Dolan, president and Chief Executive Officer, QRS Music Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: QRSM), announced today the release of a new product in the Pianomationâ Music family named the “Sync-Along Series”; they have a “Sync-Along CD, Sync-Along Floppy and Sync-Along DVD” series. This new “Sync-Along” technology will permit the Pianomationâ system owner to play and hear some of their favorite artists commercial CD's and DVD’s play on the Pianomation playerâ. The selection of CD's will be released shortly; DVD selections will be released at a later date.

Dolan said, “Currently, if you purchase any CD at the store (with piano accompaniment) and put it in your Pianomationâ controller and expect it to play your piano - it will not. The reason is that all QRS Pianomationâ CD’s are specially coded so that keys on your piano will “play” (the keys move and strike the cords just as if played by a person) plus provide vocal and other instruments heard through your speakers. However, with ‘Sync-Along’, you will hear the CD as well as the piano playing.

He added, “I believe that one of the obstacles for many potential customers was that they could not hear and play their favorite artists like Billy Joel, Elton John, Frank Sinatra, etc. Now that objection is a thing of the past. We will be developing the Sync-Along library immediately and it will only be available to registered Pianomation users. This new technology fits into a new marketing focus of the company. Customers that are purchasing pianos with the Pianomationâ system are increasingly non-piano players and are planning to use that system as part of a home entertainment system.”