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Robb Report Shows Virtuoso Violin In Ultimate Gift Guide

NAPLES, FLORIDA - - November 20, 2003 - - QRS Music Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: QRSM) announced today that the Virtuoso Violin was featured in the December’s Ultimate Gift Guide issue of the Robb Report.

The Robb Design Portfolio, pages 30 and 31, features the Virtuoso Violin and a computer-controlled string quartet. The Virtuoso Cello and Viola are currently in development. The technology “makes a 3-inch steel rod vibrate electromagnetically- just as the strings of a real violin vibrates when a performer draws the bow across the. The Virtuoso’s bow interacts with the string driver as if guided by an invisible hand, delivering a rich, acoustic sound, as well as near-perfect intonation and vibrato.”

The December issue of the Robb Report features the 20th Annual Ultimate Gift Guide.

The Virtuoso Violin sells for $12,500 and can complement an automatic playing piano equipped with the QRS Pianomation® system.