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Jan Vayne & QRS Sign Exclusive Contract

QRS Music Technologies, Inc. QRSM announced it has signed Jan Vayne, The Netherlands, to an exclusive contract to provide content for the Pianomation(R) player system.

Jan Vayne (www.janvayne.com) said: "QRS Music has given me the opportunity to expand my audience in an interesting and new interactive way. I hope to create some truly unique recordings that will become my 'signature' songs. I am proud to be following in the footsteps of piano legends like Liberace, George Gershwin and Vladimir Horowitz that all recorded for QRS Music label."

Tom Dolan, president of QRS Music Technologies, said: "We continue our commitment to bring our Pianomation(R) customers quality artists and music that are unique and original. For over 100 years QRS has had the privilege of working with some of the best pianists in the world. Jan is no different; he can really bring a Pianomation(R) system alive. We believe he will quickly vault to the top as one of our customers' favorite pianists. We are looking forward to this new relationship to produce new and unique recordings."

Jan Vayne, at the age of 4 (now 36) was introduced to the piano by his father. He has an improvisational style that centers on classic variations, on his Bosendofer Imperial SE Grand Piano, of quality themes that are inherent to classical music. Well-known in Europe since the early 1990s, he played for President Bill Clinton's inauguration party in 1997.

The QRS Pianomation(R) system can turn any piano into a reproducing player piano. A hardware and software process can store and transport Musical Instrument Digital Interface ("MIDI") information as an analog signal. This process gives QRS the ability to store, and wirelessly transmit, MIDI performance data in an analog format from a controller (CD, video, cassette, DVD, DAT or Minidisc) to the receiver on the piano. This creates numerous possibilities. For example, most off-the-shelf audio equipment has a left and right channel available for use. State-of-the-art technology permits QRS to store the digital signal in an analog format on the left channel of the software which operates those players. This leaves the right channel available for live prerecorded audio music, even vocal recordings. Pianomation(R) blends them together in perfect harmony and perfect synchronization. The Pianomation(R) MIDI System is the first product of its kind to "marry" analog and digital technology.

QRS Music Technologies' World Wide Web site is www.QRSMusic.com. Sample audio selections are available at the Web Site. QRS Music Technologies, Inc.'s stock is traded Over-The-Counter on the OTCBB: QRSM.

Forward-Looking Statements

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Editors Note: Photographs of Jan Vayne are available on his web site at: www.janvayne.com.