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Petine LT, Petine CD, and Ancho CD News Release


QRS Music Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: QRSM) today announced the introduction of three new Pianomation(R) controllers: The Ancho(TM), Petine(TM) LT and Petine(TM) CD.

Tom Dolan, QRS Music Technologies president said: "Now for the same price as our current controllers the customer can add record accessories without having to change to more expensive controllers. We also eliminate the size, cost and problems of failing floppy drives. With ''NetPiano ToGo(TM)'' the customer has access to the entire QRS concert and solo library on their piano by simply dragging the files to a CF card or CD-ROM and playing them in their new controller."

He added: "Also, our new Windows Media Player plug-in works with our new controllers to control the pianos playback functions, from a PC or QRS''s new Qtouch-Tablet(TM). I believe we deliver today''s technologies in an easy-to-use flash upgradeable package. The Petine(TM) controllers although smaller than almost all other controllers they can still be placed out of sight when in use or not in use."

The QRS Pianomation(R) system can turn any piano into a reproducing player piano. A hardware and software process can store and transport Musical Instrument Digital Interface ("MIDI") information as an analog signal. This process gives QRS the ability to store, and wirelessly transmit, MIDI performance data in an analog format from a controller (CD, video, cassette, DVD, DAT or Minidisc) to the receiver on the piano. This creates numerous possibilities. For example, most off-the-shelf audio equipment has a left and right channel available for use. State-of-the-art technology permits QRS to store the digital signal in an analog format on the left channel of the software which operates those players. This leaves the right channel available for live prerecorded audio music, even vocal recordings. Pianomation(R) blends them together in perfect harmony and perfect synchronization. The Pianomation(R) MIDI System is the first product of its kind to "marry" analog and digital technology.