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QRS Music Technologies, Inc. Introduces PNOscan

ANAHEIM, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Jan. 19, 2006--QRS Music Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:QRSM - News), a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of pianos, piano-based audio and multimedia products, music and piano accessories, today announced the introduction of PNOscan(TM), the only retrofit recording strip for pianos that uses optic sensors, eliminating the concern among discriminating musicians that traditional recording strips change the feel of the keyboard. With PNOscan(TM) there is no physical contact; the system works by using optic sensors to monitor the movement of each key, precisely recreating every detail of the original performance.

"We anticipate a strong demand for the PNOscan(TM) among current piano owners as well as new buyers. PNOscan(TM) is an invaluable tool for people learning to play as well as recording and performing artists," said Tom Dolan, QRS President and CEO. "QRS has a long history for setting the standard for technological innovation and product excellence, and the PNOscan(TM) is yet another example of our being out in front of the pack in terms of innovation, quality and value."

The optical sensors record the motions of the keys with meticulous precision, all without any mechanical interference affecting the keyboard touch or response. Sustain, soft and sostenuto pedals are also equipped with optical sensors to support precise levels of incremental movement to faithfully reproduce every pedaling action as well. Importantly, PNOscan(TM) captures the full profile of movement of the key and pedal action over the course of a musical piece, providing a truly authentic recording of the expressive timing and dynamics of the individual pianist. Recordings can be output as universally used standard MIDI files, as well as utilized for more dynamic playback on the QRS Pianomation® system.

The PNOscan(TM) unit itself is extremely sleek and low-profile, and easy to install. Traditional recording strips can require precise height positioning and occasional keyboard modifications. These steps are unnecessary with PNOscan's optical technology.