Story & Clark
Why Story & Clark Pianos
Story & Clark Pianos: An American Classic

Since 1857, Story & Clark has been dedicated to creating pianos of outstanding craftsmanship, tonal excellence and unequalled performance. Today as back then, Story & Clark pianos remain an American favorite, built to our precise standards and proprietary specifications by skilled artisans.

The Acoustic Piano with Digital Possibilities

Whether you are a serious musician or just learning to play, the way to get the most from your piano is simple: make sure it’s a Story & Clark. Because only Story & Clark pianos come with PNOscan™, an optical recording device that opens up a world of connectivity and ways for you to use your piano. With PNOscan you can get all the features and benefits of a digital piano combined with the sound, beauty and lasting value of an acoustic piano.

Unparalleled Versatility

If you look closely, discreetly hidden inside every new Story & Clark piano is a USB port that allows you to connect to the Internet using your laptop or a MIDI device. With a Story & Clark piano equipped with PNOscan and just your laptop you can:
bullet learn to play piano using learning software of your choice
bullet practice, record and playback your piano performances on your computer
bullet create your own piano compositions
bullet email your piano performances to friends and family to enjoy
bullet print sheet music for your piano
bullet educate and entertain small children with piano learning software


Add Pianomation for playback and player options

Equip your Story & Clark piano with a Pianomation player piano playback system and when you record, your piano will playback your performance exactly as you played it! Record friends and family playing and save performances on a CompactFlash card so you can replay them anytime. Students can record their practice sessions so you can hear your child's improvement over time, monitor their practice even when you're away, or submit practice sessions to their piano teacher for review.  A Pianomation player piano system makes sure you get the most out of your Story & Clark acoustic piano

Limitless Options

Your PNOscan MIDI record strip PNOscan Record Strip interfaces with standard music hardware for even more options. Being able to interface with the digital world makes Story & Clark acoustic pianos studio and stage ready to easily record your piano performances, layer sounds and enhance creativity.

The only acoustic piano of options and opportunities

A PNOscan-equipped Story & Clark piano offers a world of never-ending opportunities for everyone from the serious musician to the recreational player. All without affecting the appearance, touch or feel of the piano in any way. And all at a price comparable to a plain old acoustic piano. Which begs the question, in this day and age, why would anyone choose anything other than a Story & Clark?  Visit your nearest Story & Clark dealer today for a free demonstration on the limitless possibilities of Story & Clark pianos. View the PNOscan Brochure

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