Software Upgrades - Release Notes

Download Update from the Web Site

  • Create a folder under you're My Documents folder called QRS
  • Go online and go to http://www.qrsmusic.com
  • From the dropdown menu Support on the top title bare select Software Updates
  • Select the Chili or KPS
  • Your computer will ask you where you want to put it, send it to your QRS folder and push enter.
  • When it is done downloading, copy the QRSxxx.bin just downloaded to a blank formatted dfloppy
  • Rename the file on the floppy QRSupdat.bin
  • While you are at the sight you can also download the latest manuals to the manual folder you created.

For units where the display reads Boot Loader 0.02

  • Holding down the following 4 buttons at the same time - "audio", "metronome", "source", "setup" and Power up the Chili unit (This will erase all existing presets you may have had)
  • Holding the four buttons down should be done if you are jumping from one major revision to another. For example from 3.xx to 4.xx. It is not required if you are jumping from say 4.45 to 4.48.
  • If this is a minor update turn the unit on without holding buttons down
  • Insert the QRSUpdat.bin disk and hold the clear button down for over 6 seconds
  • The boot code will now flash and the screen will say erasing flash,
  • After flash has been erased it will look for the floppy, if it sees the proper name "qrsupdat.bin" you will see erasing flash again then the file will start to upload
  • A COMMON ERROR IS TO NAME THE FILE "QRSUPDAT.BIN.BIN" This will not load, and screen will continue to ask for a disk.
  • After the upgrade has finished, remove the disk. You are done with upgrading with the installing latest code.
  • Cycle the power
  • If you have a record strip present be sure to go to "Setup - Record Strip - Present " .
  • If you have any questions be sure to give us a call. 239 -597-5888
  • If you get errors try it again or make another copy on a reformatted disk.

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