Upgrading to PNOmation II

Upgrade Instructions(pdf)


QRS Pianomation player systems have always been fully upgradeable.  As technology advances so can your player piano system. Maintaining the value of your player system maintains the value of your piano investment .   PNOmation II is an upgrade to any of our existing Pianomation MIDI systems.  It offers the latest advances that technology today provides.  It not only can upgrade the past but is positioned for the future.  

We provide advances in playback control, a more accurate dynamic range as well as maintaining our proven quiet only playback.  

Below are some of the features
  • Three methods of interfacing with the new system PNOmation II Screenshot
    • Music on a Stick - Thumbstick and remote
    • Web Interface - The web interface allows you to connect wifi or network devices like ITouch, IPad, Android, PC's, Macs..., to view and control your player.
    • Older generation systems : Easily connects to older Pianomation controllers through the DB15 interface
  • Music Now - all music is available for immediate purchase and use, by the song or album and to sample
  • Pedal control - thump reduction, controlled release
  • Make playlists easily and quickly
  • No Boxes - keep the aesthetics of your investment
  • Upgrades include a clock scheduling, record, practice, HD MIDI.....and more
  • 300+ free songs.  

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More Information on Upgrading Your QRS Pianomation MIDI System(PDF)