Software Upgrades - KPS Upgrades

Software Updates/Manuals/and Guides for KPS Units
KW714 Rev 7.14 was released 08/05/03 -Download to clean formatted floppy disk. rename file to qrsupdat.bin, Insert disk, Hold down "Audio - Metronome - Source - Setup" Turn unit or hold clear for 5 seconds or more then release.
KW614 REV 6.14 Is now released 02/27/02:
KPS Manual Rev 7 Quick Guide to the KPS is the same as the AMC/Chili units above. Features Quick Record, Quick Playback, Quick Practice, and Quick Performance - PDF Format
KPS Quick Play Guide Rev 7 Release 5..4c - PDF format
Sampler Floppy Floppy of sample music - make sure these files are located in the root directory (a:\xxxxxx.mid)

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