Software Upgrades - Software Updates/Manuals/ and Guides for QRS PNOmation II
Updates for PNOmation II:

Media System Revision 2 - July 26th, 2013
System Patch 4.61 - October 15th, 2013

Version 4.61 Includes Several New Features.

  • IOS 7 Css Fix (Corrects issue where play or other icons were not appearing properly)
  • Corrected Issue with Standalone Mode Opening Email On Some Adapter/Browser Configurations
  • Improved App Loading Speed on Older Ios/Android Devices
  • Improved Playback Performance
  • Improved Networking Performance
  • Improved Static IP Mode and DHCP
  • Improved Clock Performance
  • Improved Trill Performance
  • Improved Power Monitoring
  • Added Voice Prompt feedback
  • PLX light feedback changes
  • Miscellaneous Application & GUI Fixes and Improvements
  • Updated Manuals


Prior to updating your PNOmation II software please read:

1. Download files to your desktop or a known location on your computer ( if you are using a Mac – just download)

2. Insert a USB memory stick into your computer

3. Drag the two zip files to the root directory of the USB memory stick (they need to stay zipped) ( Macs unzip files automatically, but you can find zipped versions in the trash – use those) It does not matter if you have other junk on your USB memory stick

4. Unplug the piano

5. Put the USB stick into the USB port on the Pin light box

6. Plug the piano in

7. If your speaker on the piano is on the Voice prompts will tell you when it is done, if it is not on you can touch the button on the pin light box and that should turn the high power on (first light will turn from orange to green) which in turn will turn on the speaker.

8. This could take some time. For the next 10 minutes we recommend getting a cup of coffee/tea and letting our system do the update.

The first three lights on the Pin Lite box will be either green green green or orange green green when complete.

Complimentary Music:
Complimentary Music For QRS PNOmation II



Our manuals and videos have moved, check out our new PNOmation II Product and Support Page, click the support tab to view videos or view manuals.

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