Software Upgrades - Release Notes

7.14 Release Notes

  • FD/CD support for the QRS Sync-Along feature.
  • Fixed bug in Pause/Resume functionality
  • CD Repeat Bug corrected
  • Repeat Shuffle of selected ranges added
  • Low track now prevented from going out of users range
  • CD Auto start bug corrected
  • AMI false decodes led to some CD tracks not playing - Corrected
  • Increased Time Out on Voice Screen
  • Scaled Volume tables for the headphones to correct a distorted headphone out
  • Record Strip Alignment removed from menu - now done on record strip

6.14 Release Notes

  • Fixed Teac CD Rom Drive Bug - Chili units with Teac CD Roms can now play data CD's with out failing
  • Fixed Audio CD Playback Bug - Chili units with Teac CD Roms do not get error while playing audio CD's

6.11 Release Notes

  • Adds two new sources - AudioCD, and MIDI_CD (the MIDI_CD update is good for units produced after 5/15/01) existing units will require a hardware upgrade.
  • Adds layering so you can hear up to 16 sounds at one time when playing
  • Adds layering to record so you can record up to 16 sounds at one time
  • Adds ability to add a drum track at any time during record
  • Adds ability to assign an instrument voice during prior to recording and hear it as you record
  • Adds a new metronome window allowing you to turn it on and of and change parameters much easier
  • Adds more dynamic range to the synth sounds during MIDI playback
  • Corrects bug with tuning effect
  • Adds Test Alignment Box (TAB) test 11 with what used to require the technicians red box
  • Adds Record Alignment a check of how effective your record system is
  • Add Virtuoso Violin capability and curves
  • Fixes CD change bug

Hardware Upgrades on Rev C units due out in May

  • New Super I/O
  • New Mike circuit
  • New Mute Circuit
  • New Power Input Cable and Supply

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