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Serenade Pro Sync-Along Upgrade
Version 4.5 - filename PIANO2K.SYS Rev 4.5 released 07/01/03: The SyncAlong Release
  1. Download the file "PIANO2K.ZIP"
  2. Unzip "PIANO2K.ZIP" to a file folder called QRS on your hard drive(You made need Winzip to unzip files)
    If you are using WINDOWS XP you can copy the files in the compressed zip folder and paste in the QRS folder.
  3. Copy the file to a clean DOS formatted HD floppy
  4. Label the Disk OS4.5 QRS Serenade Pro
  5. Power down the Pro from both the remote and base unit
  6. Insert the diskette labeled OS4.5 QRS Serenade Pro floppy drive
  7. Hold down the Volume UP & DOWN buttons on the main control unit
  8. While holding the UP & DOWN buttons press the POWER ON button
  9. In a few seconds the system will update automatically to OS4.5
How to upload Sync-Along MIDI files to your hard drive for "drop and play" ease of your audio CD favorites.
  1. Insert the commercially available (selected) CD into the CD drive (only CD's in QRS's SyncAlong Library have matching MIDI files)
  2. A 10 digit ID number will appear on the display write it down
  3. Create a LIBRARY on the hard drive by pressing MULTY 1 - Name the library a 10 digit ID you wrote down in section 2 (MULTY 1 Ð ADD LIBRARY)
  4. Insert the corresponding floppy into the floppy drive
  5. Copy all the matching piano files from the QRS Sync-Along diskette to the newly created library, by pressing MULTY 7
  6. You are now done the diskette, save it for backup purposes.
  7. After the COPY function is complete press the CD button on the remote controller
  8. Press PLAY or select a song (arrow keys or numeric keypad)
  9. Serenade Pro will automatically find the matching piano accompaniment file and play it in perfect synchronization. STOP, PLAY, PAUSE, NEXT, PREVIOUS as well as FAST FORWARD/FAST REWIND functions will work just as with other software media
Serenade Pro Manual The Owners manual in PDF form for the Serenade Pro

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