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Pennsylvania Training Schedule
March 8-10**
April 6-7*
May 17-19**
August 17-18*
September 13-15**
October 18-20**

*2 day re-certification or **3 day full installation training

ATTEND FOR FREE with the purchase of one of the following:

A] Grand Kit 815002
B] Upright Kit 815022
C] Technicians Kit 81575 plus PNOmation Upgrade 81525
D] Technicians Kit 81575 plus PNOscan [79317C]

Technicians Kit Information(PDF)

Purchases must be made in conjunction with attending classes. Attendees are responsible for their own transportation and accommodations. QRS will reserve rooms for if you contact us 30 days prior to the classes.

Due to limited class size, reservations with a deposit are required. Dates are subject to change and classes are sometimes cancelled so, please reconfirm with us before making your final travel arrangements.

For reservations call 1-800-247-6557