• It uses Ultraviolet light in the germicidal wavelength - 185-254 nanometers - that renders the organisms sterile. When organisms can no longer reproduce, they die.
  • Its germicidal UVC lamps kill up to 99.9% of most viruses, airborne bacteria and mold spores.
  • The average bacterium will be killed in ten seconds at a distance of six inches from the lamp.
  • Our product uses UVC 254nm for optimum disinfecting.
  • Our product filters the unwanted UVC 185 (UVC Vacuum) so it does not produce harmful Ozone.
  • Close surface proximity by design allows for faster immobilization of bacteria and viruses.
  • Sterilization between the keys where wipe cleaners cannot reach and the related wetness is not desirable.
  • Built in timer takes guess work out of proper cycle time with single button press.
  • Its convenient size covers over 50% of the keyboard in one application of 5 minutes.
  • 10 min total disinfecting cycle for entire keyboard.
  • LED display shows timer setting.
  • 120 VAC power entry allows for detachable power cord. Safety shutoff prevents direct eye contact with UVC radiation.
  • Safe enclosure is design to prevent direct contact with UVC radiation via smart designed case with shields and gasket.

** Warnings to consider,

  • Never look directly into the UVC light.
  • Avoid any prolonged skin eye exposure - (If you are exposed to direct germicidal light, it can burn the top surface of your skin. If your eyes are exposed, it would be similar to a "welder's flash", and your eyes can feel dry or gritty. At no time do germicidal lamps cause any permanent damage.)
  • UVC sterilization process is new and constantly being developed. The QRS UV Key Sanitizer performance and effectiveness is based on currently available information.
  • Always follow know effective hygiene practices in parallel with new technologies like this for maximum protection.

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