The Gulbransen Company was established in 1904 by Axel Gulbransen in Chicago, Illinois. By 1917, Gulbransen had become the largest manufacturer of player pianos in the world. The Gulbransen Registering Piano was unquestionably one of the best-known instruments of its class. Its trademark, Easy-at-the-Pedals, and slogan, "Easy to Play," were impressed upon the memory of millions of people through national advertising.

In 1928, Gulbransen introduced their first organ, which later would become a major focus for the company. In 1962 Gulbransen introduced the world's first transistor organ and by 1988 Gulbransen had amassed many technological "firsts" in the music industry, and started designing digital pianos for foreign manufacturers.

The great favor with which Gulbransen instruments have been regarded over the years by music loving people of discriminating judgment is the best possible proof of their merits. During World War II, along with Steinway, Gulbransen pianos had the distinction of being selected as one of only two manufacturers of pianos for government use. Today you can find Gulbransen pianos in select outlets. For more information, call 800-247-6557.

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