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  • Hundreds of Nickelodeon tracks to choose from.
  • Thousands of PNOmation focused tracks of different genres to choose from in the full QRS library.
  • Plays standard MIDI, MP3s and QRS SyncAlong MP3
  • Tracks sorted by color and genre ( Solo, Concert and SyncAlong series).
  • Multiple schedules for on/off and playlists.
  • Key and pedal minimum playback alignments.
  • Auto volume controls.
  • Performance piano vs background adjustment curves.
  • MIDI playback from MIDI In using 5 pin din, USB, thumb-stick, internal MIDI, Bluetooth MIDI or network.
  • Shuffle, repeat, repeat one, repeat playlist.
  • Tempo & Transpose, Volume, playback MIDI features.
  • Any Wi-Fi enabled device can access the system.
  • Start - Stop from the piano, remote, Alexa or WiFi device.
  • iTunes not required.
  • Content is on the piano, not in the cloud or device.
  • Sing-Along.
  • NFC (cell phone payment), Coin Drop, Bill Insert and/or Credit Card.
  • NFC collected money is auto transferred every night; no bill collection necessary.
  • Custom Nickelodeon playlists work directly with Coin Op.
  • Coin drop overrides.
  • Set number of plays and value, such as 1 play per dollar.