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The Perfect Player Piano Experience Is Here

A Better Deal for Your Customers, a Better Deal for You When You Become a Certified Pianomation Technician

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Pennsylvania Training Schedule

March 18-20
April 15-17 **Las Vegas**
May 6-8
September 16-18

ATTEND FOR FREE with the purchase of one of the following:

A] Grand Kit 815002
B] Upright Kit 815022
C] Technicians Kit 81575 plus PNOmation Upgrade 81525
D] Technicians Kit 81575 plus PNOscan [79317C]

Technicians Kit Information(PDF)

Purchases must be made in conjunction with attending classes. Attendees are responsible for their own transportation and accommodations.

Due to limited class size, reservations with a deposit are required. Dates are subject to change and classes are sometimes cancelled so, please reconfirm with us before making your final travel arrangements.

For reservations call 1-800-247-6557


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