Look at these 7 great features of the QRS PNOScan™

  1. The QRS PNOScan™ senses the movement of the keys continuously as you are playing.
  2. The optical sensors means that there is no interference with the touch of the piano keys. You would never know it was there!
  3. Accurately records your playing for exact reproduction.
  4. Can be used with PNOmation and QRS Connect.
  5. Designed for home installation.
  6. No moving parts means no wear and tear.
  7. Can be retrofitted to any acoustic piano.

Why QRS PNOScan™ you ask?

QRS have designed the PNOScan™ optical recording rail with the pianist in mind. So that your playing doesn't suffer in any way, the sensors of a recording rail need to be non-evasive. In other words nothing must touch the keys so that the touch of the key is not altered. Another advantage of the QRS PNOScan™ optical recording rail is that there is no mechanical link or touching that could potentially cause noise or breakage.

PNOScan™ is different from other recording rails. There are several cheap types of recording technologies currently used by some Japanese and Korean manufacturers. These include hall effect, flag, tft, optic - flag being the most popular and cheapest.

But let's look at these cheap options. TFT has a mechanical element to it and has been shown to be inaccurate. This naturally means optical rails are the only true solution. But even these have issues. Unless you are able to filter out the noise from lights, smoke, radios and adjoining sensors your recording is going to be inaccurate, sometimes unusable.
QRS's patents address all these issues. By analysing and comparing performances and playback, QRS has been able to overcome the issues that plague cheap solutions. An Inherent fault associated with cheap rails is the delicate setup of the optic sensors in an attempt to overcome hot notes, false triggers and erroneous events these systems are prone to. PNOScan has overcome all these limitations.

PNOScan™ is by far the best product ever produced for recording a performance on an acoustic piano. QRS is a music company and technology must be pressed to produce accurate performances. This dedication to musical performances is evident in all QRS technology offerings.

Recently, long distance learning has become a reality. Cheap, off the shelf products and accessories can sometimes make this happen. QRS's systems are compatible with some of these cheaper alternatives if this is the direction you want to go, but you will be compromising the end results.

Upgrade your existing piano today.

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