QRS Music Technology

Introducing QRS PNOmation OT (over the top)

18 months same as cash. Limited time only: free pedal pusher a 495.00 item. 30 day return policy.

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Turns your piano into a QRS PNOmation Player Piano in minutes.

PNOmation OT Home

Great for events, entertaining or just relaxing. Same great features as a factory installed PNOmation.

Part # 83500 Includes Free Shipping in US

PNOmation OT Workshop

Great for breaking in new and rebuilt actions! Certified break-in reports. Schedule tests with break-in files.

Part # 83550 Includes Free Shipping in US

PNOmation OT Studio

Great for capturing live acoustic samples and performances from MIDI.

QRS OT Pedal Pusher

Uses current pedal solenoid technology. Just one Pedal Solenoid.

Part number 83555

Setup is a snap

Thumb wheel adjust dials in the solenoid throw. Only one cable to plug in the sidecar controller.

Wheels and Handles

Allows for easy shipping and transport.

Do-It-Yourself Setup

  • Fits on any standard 88-note keyboard.
  • Top handles and side rail pockets allow for ease of placement.
  • Dialing in the throw of the plunger requires rail height adjustment. Thumb wheels make this task accurate and fast.

The Largest and Best Player Piano Library

  • Thousands of tracks from different genres, artists and albums.
  • Colored fonts identify type of track: Solo, Concert or SyncAlong.

Piano Workshops and Factories

  • Help break in new or repaired actions.
  • Easily move from one piano to the next.
  • Provide report certification for customer of the break-in time.
  • Comes standard with QRS's proven Magic Pedal technology.

Wireless Capabilities

  • Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct built in for easy setup and access from any Wi-Fi enabled device regardless of Internet status.
  • Bluetooth Audio and MIDI built in allows for wireless communication to software applications and speakers.

User Options

  • Schedule playlists or radio playback on/off time, and set playback volume.
  • Multiple Playback Sources: MIDI-in using 5 pin din, USB, Memory Stick, Internal MIDI, Bluetooth, Bluetooth MIDI, Network, Analog MIDI and QRS's Patented SyncAlong Technology.
  • Key performance setups and alignments do not require you to call a technician.
  • MIDI Control Options: Tempo, Transpose, Volume, MIDI Channels.
  • Record a live piano using a mic, your piano and the OT.

Available Now - Order Today - 800.247.6557